Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stable Channel Update

The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 26 to the Stable Channel. Chrome 26.0.1410.43 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame contains number of new items including:
  • "Ask Google for suggestions" spell checking feature improvements (e.g. grammar and homonym checking)
  • Desktop shortcuts for multiple users (profiles) on Windows
  • Asynchronous DNS resolver on Mac and Linux

Security fixes and rewards:

Please see the Chromium security page for more information. Note that the referenced bugs may be kept private until a majority of our users are up to date with the fix.
  • [$1000] [172342] High CVE-2013-0916: Use-after-free in Web Audio. Credit to Atte Kettunen of OUSPG.
  • [180909] Low CVE-2013-0917: Out-of-bounds read in URL loader. Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (Cris Neckar).
  • [180555] Low CVE-2013-0918: Do not navigate dev tools upon drag and drop. Credit to Vsevolod Vlasov of the Chromium development community.
  • [Linux only] [178760] Medium CVE-2013-0919: Use-after-free with pop-up windows in extensions. Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • [177410] Medium CVE-2013-0920: Use-after-free in extension bookmarks API. Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • [174943] High CVE-2013-0921: Ensure isolated web sites run in their own processes.
  • [174129] Low CVE-2013-0922: Avoid HTTP basic auth brute force attempts. Credit to “t3553r”.
  • [169981] [169972] [169765] Medium CVE-2013-0923: Memory safety issues in the USB Apps API. Credit to Google Chrome Security Team (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • [169632] Low CVE-2013-0924: Check an extension’s permissions API usage again file permissions. Credit to Benjamin Kalman of the Chromium development community.
  • [168442] Low CVE-2013-0925: Avoid leaking URLs to extensions without the tabs permissions. Credit to Michael Vrable of Google.
  • [112325] Medium CVE-2013-0926: Avoid pasting active tags in certain situations. Credit to Subho Halder, Aditya Gupta, and Dev Kar of xys3c (xysec.com).
A full list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Dharani Govindan
Google Chrome


Unknown said...
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madhunt3r said...

Still on OS X 10.8.3 is laggy scrolling during page is loading.

Please fix this issue.

brandon mckenzie said...

Whenever i disable PepperFlash and use C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\NPSWF32_11_6_602_180.dll

Im not able to click games on facebook?

Satslu Love said...

Spell checking feature improvements and yet Google itself didn't make correct spelling.

or it is just messing?


Jochen Blacha said...

Betar spell chek? LOL?! Chrome is STILL not able to spell-check other input languages although the dictionaries are installed!

Like - main dict is set to English and then write up an e-mail/posting/ in a language other than English and see Chrome fail hard on a "feature" even Firefox and Internet Explorer is able to do out-of-the-box.

Fix that first, then get all fancy about "better spell checking".

gentmatt said...

My firewall reported that right after this update Chrome wanted to talk on over 28 new ports.

Here's a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9da4ygfx8p1xerd/Chrome%2026.0.1410.43%20ports.png

This is the HandsOff firewall running in OSX 10.8.3.

What is going on there? Why so many ports? Is there any official documentation you can point me to?

Web Hosting said...
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Web Hosting said...

I have upgraded to the latest version but now i am getting frequent flash plugin crash.

I dont know how to downgrade to old version.
web hosting

Jh Kim said...

Now, long-waited old feature has came back that I can paste URL link directly to text editor window. :)

M Miller said...

My drag and drop image function stopped working w/ this release. Now when I drag an image into a gmail, the URL pastes (and not the image.) Thoughts?

BB said...

Thanks G.d you discarded the horrible new UI style for menus !

Best decision for everybody !

mad madrasi said...

Nice work with Tamil spell checker. நன்றாக வேலை செய்கின்றது.

Blogger said...

I just upgraded to this beta. Now gmail doesn't work. I get this message:

This web page is not available
The web page at https://mail.google.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.

However, at the same time, I am reading my gmail using firefox.

Gabi said...

"Google settings are stored on a network drive..." this what pops up after a long time using chrome. i just upgraded to 26 adn when i open chrome it's just a blank tab. im not able to browse the internet or even acces settings. blank page. tried uninstall but didn't help. help!

Unknown said...

"with bettar spell chek!"


Google doesn't know how to "define:bettar"

and says "define:chek" is a TV station in Victoria, BC CAN from Wikipedia.

Denis Mars said...

Guys love the new release but I must say Flash Pepper is still delivering really bad audio and video quality especially when being transmitted via RTMFP protocol i.e. UDP. It's killing a bunch of video and audio conferencing sites such as meetings.io and they and others are directing their users to disable Pepper Flash using chrome://plugins - you guys really need to get behind this and fix as it's a deal breaker for many RIAs using flash for video/voice.

Jono said...

I have noticed a change in the "Saved password" feature in v26 for https sites. If a password input field does not have the attribute "Autocomplete=off" then chrome will offer to save your password. This was not the case in earlier versions. It posses a security risk for my website.

Brett Hatton said...

I'm having a problem with the Sign in feature in this release. When I open up Chrome it fails to sign in and I have to manually retry.
It also no longer asks for a two-step verification code when I completely remove my google account and add it again(I double checked, and I do have the two-step feature enabled on my account).

vvuk said...

26.0.1410.43 m ate all my saved passwords and doesn't offer to save new ones.

Good job.

Jerry M. said...

This new update has rendered Chrome virtually useless to me, with its incessant inability to load a webpage and throwing up the notice:

Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.

Awful, just awful. This has happened before with Chrome, but this time around it has fully crippled the browser for me.

Never happens in Firefox or IE, one of which I am now going to have make my default browser, replacing Chrome.

Abderrahim said...

hi, after the update i lost all the history on one computer, on the other one all learned omnibox searches now it have to learn it all over again

can you fix this so next upgrade it wont happen thanks

Eric said...

In the developer tools, the option under sources for "Show Folders" is gone. I hate having all my source files in folders, I like to untick that box and have them just show in an alphabetical list. Can you bring that back please or is there any hidden setting to disable folders?

Sam Roesch said...

The "New Tab Page" doesn't have the proper right click menu that lets you pin an app to the taskbar anymore.

Speth said...

I assume Chrome has just updated itself as I have problems today I didn't have yesterday. Not permitting Gameplay internal processes.

I notice this upgrade says it has improved the spellcheck (which I don't need, and would turn off if I could!) and I have seen an on-screen message that spellcheck is improved. So I assume this morning's problems are caused by the upgrade.

Can I go back please? The previous version worked!

Raven Amos said...

I keep getting an "Error 15" whenever I try to connect to ANY Google service with my Chrome browser. I have already deleted cookies and restarted a few times. Is this going to be resolved soon?

"Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error."

campbell.A said...

Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.
i keep getting this error can any one help me

Stephen Taylor said...

I am running 26.0.1410.43 m on Windows 7 Pro and suddenly it's not working. Worked great yesterday but today can't access Google.com itself...?

This webpage is not available
Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error

Any solutions?

Thank you

Steve Bluhm said...

Since this update, I've not been able to take any screenshots with Awesome Screenshot: Capture ... I would show you what this look like, but I can't take a screenshot to post here.

GSH said...

Anyone else notice weirdness in typefaces?

For example...


Certain type is uneven.

Weird thing is though, I opened a new tab and dismissed the message about the new spelling feature and now the type is fine on that site.

Had a friend check it on Mac and it was fine also.

Gordon Hawley said...

Steve, I would recommend you contact the people who publish Awesome Screenshot. They probably need to update their software.

Johny Depp said...

I have been using mozilla firefox since long and I am pretty happy with the features it has. Plus there are updates which come every months or so. I liked the new release.

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Daniel B. said...

I'd like to propose a change to Task Manager whereby a user can save whatever style they put Task Manager in, so it'll be that way if you close and reopen it.

As it currently stands, I have no use for the Process ID column nor all the default lengths the columns are given -- as a result, the list of tasks is present in a very thin column when it should be the longest and most visible. I'd like to set Task Manager the way I'd prefer to see it, but I can't because of the default settings.

(And yes, I've looked in the apps/extensions store to no avail.)

I would appreciate a speedy update to fix this issue. Thanks. :)

brainless said...

Using Chrome 26.0.1410.43 on Windows 7 and suddenly can't access Google.com itself...?

This webpage is not available
Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error

Any solutions? Thanks!

Dave said...

Chrome 26 on RHEL/CentOS 6 says that your platform is no longer supported. Yet when you click on the link it presents it is pretty clear that RHEL/CentOS meets the requirements for Linux systems.

What's the deal? If Chrome is really no longer supported on RHEL/CentOS, you're going to lose a lot of people to Firefox.

It's too bad, as I really do like Chrome.

Beth Dame said...

I see others are having the same problem I am having. Cannot search at all. Keep getting this:

The webpage at https://www.google.ca/search?q=trees&rlz=1C1LENN_enCA477CA477&aq=f&oq=trees&aqs=chrome.0.57.1775j0&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.

Nicole Handani said...

After updating, I am facing following problems in the "Edit Bookmark" dialog box as follows: -

1. The Color of "Edit Bookmark" dialog box is changed to white and scroll bars turns Black.

2. In "Edit bookmark" dialog box, when I press any alphabet key to Go to any bookmark folder, it dont take me to that bookmark folder.

Please mend the "Edit Bookmark" dialog box, it is huge pain.

j Garcia said...

dev tools is fukd up, cant focus to inspect elements, cant drag scrollbar, pointer cursor is gone whwhen activating the dev tools

Loi said...

I just noticed when you right click for something and also the Other bookmarks you see the new UI or white color design.
I did not notice this until now

khlawatsch said...
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Jiseok Seol said...

Since the update, chrome devtool work very strangly, when the devtool panel is open the jquery behavior not work and the cursor pointer not appear on hover a link, finally the element selector tool not highlight the element when the cursor over the window

My chrome version is 26.0.1410.43 on window XP

Nicole Handani said...

@Loi: The Color of "Edit Bookmarks" dialog Box is White & its Scroll bars are white.

May be, Only, I have this issue.

Matthew Ruegger said...

Count me in as another user who routinely gets the Error 15 message when trying to use Google search.

Akschith said...

The Menu for the Bookmark bar and other bookmarks is just too huge in the sense it is spaced out way too much!!! The bookmarks i have occupy half the space of the screen of what they do right now! Please fix the menu problem! People who have a mouse don't need touch refinement!

Nanoma chine said...

This seems to be a regularity of some kind - the newer the version, the more bugs. That's not what Chrome used to be. The right-click (context) menu is huge indeed and occupies half of my laptop display. But somehow it started only today - I updated to the newest version quite some time ago. And you also don't seem to be fixing the damn new-tab-thumbnails problem, which is almost a year old! Farewell, I'm switching to Opera.

Loi said...

@People who has error 15 socket,
Go to chrome://net-internals/ -> Then click the socket tab -> Press flush socket pools -> lastly close idle socket
So you should try to using google to search

Mike said...

This update pretty much breaks all screen capture extensions (I just went though 5 of them to find one that still worked). This includes Google's own Screen Capture extension.

This really highlights the need for a simple "rollback" option in settings.

JMC said...

chrome crashes all the time
if i start it somehow cant find the connection... i have to wait long and reload the page a lot until i reach google.com
when i try to watch a youtube.com video the site it self crashes, if i reload the site chrome crashes too
i did try to disable one or the other flash plugin but this did not help
also i get many messages from win 7 64 about low memory and closing appications... but this happens only when google chrome is running
all did start with, as i guess, the last update
chrome is 99% not usable ... i am happy because i was able to evacuate my bookmarks
now i am posting from fireFox, i will stay on that until i runn into the next problem with FF in a year or so :))

Matthew Roethgen said...

@Loi I love you thanks for that.

Gideon said...

Help, this new version is trible and I can't go back! My brand new computer is so slow now, and the web pages are taking forever to load. What did google do. When I first opened chrome after the update it was so slow I thought I had a virus. Please someone tell me how to stop the auto updates. Until then I'm back my old browser, first time in 3 years!

Ayan Sarkar said...

I keep getting Error 15 too. Can't see webpages. Youtube and google doesn't work all the time. Specially not at the first boot of the browser.

Another Migraine! said...

The space in the bookmarks is horrendous. My bookmarks now go below the page. Why add this to a PC browser without a Y/N option to remove it?
Please please add an option to remove the double spacing as it makes Chrome difficult to use.

Kristin said...

@Loi Thank you so much for that! I'm no longer getting the error 15!

Kay R said...

@Loi Thank you worked for me too! You saved me!

B. Guiling said...

@Loi Agreed -- thanks very much for the socket info. Made Chrome useable again!

Mus Mulyadi said...

My first try Chrome Version 26.0.1410.43 m.

Did Chrome always use SEVEN processes in Windows Task Manager?

I used a Chrome based browser before, it did the same things.

akpatok said...

Since one year now I'm working on a chart projet and i'm using Google Draw to put text on my charts.

I did about 200 charts and I was more than satisfied with the tool.

The issue is the following: Since last week I noticed that what I see on screen is different than what I get when i'm downloading the image

I explain: For a year, everything was fine, i was "rotating" text and it was staying clear. Since a week, i do the same thing and the text as some "blur" or characters are not align, BUT when I download a copy on my hard drive everything is fine.

Do you know if Google has changed/updated something on Draw?